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I would like to see the options of labeling spoiler articles as:

Spoiler Review
Trophy/Achievement Guide

Basically, I would like to see tags that could help prevent images or titles that would spoil unreleased or new content.

N4G could benefit from having the ability to black out specific spoilers in the comment section similar to Reddit.

10 months ago


I submitted something similar before realizing this one existed, so copying that post here:

"A lot of the time when clicking around N4G nearing a games launch, a seemingly safe news title will lead to you getting spoilers via the article itself or even via the description.

It would be good if submitters could flag articles as spoilers (and mods were enforcing it too) and which game is potentially being spoiled and then this feature perhaps hides the description (and maybe even the title, e.g. "Spoilers about Dead Space, click here to reveal" or similar) and clicking would show the text."

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This is a great idea. Also, I would like people to be able to mark a comment as a spoiler to hide it.

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Could be useful, but there is a bigger issue with spoilers in comments that could be interesting to improve, like maybe allowing uses to tag a comment as spoiler and have it collapsed by default.

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