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Current guidelines, in both amount of text and substance, have been woefully lacking for years. In order to compensate, Christopher (admin) has had to lay out numerous detailed blogs going over various rule changes, like Gamergate-inspired ones as an example. That means in order to follow current rules not mentioned there, users have to venture to Christopher's list of old blogs just to make sure they're following our submission standards.

There'd be fewer headaches, for both mods & users, if guidelines were given a substantial update.

10 months ago


Thanks for the suggestion.

We will be completing a full review and updating the existing guidelines. We will be looking where the guidelines will need to be visible. Please do comment on where you would like to see the guidelines, e.g. Link to guidelines when submitting.

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Appreciate it, Andrew. You can go through Christopher's blogging past to see the important ones here: .

Here's a cluster of when we decided to make some optimal changes:

There may be some other unlisted rules not brought up in these blogs, which I think Christopher himself can fill in.

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100% agree. This was super confusing as a new contributor, both for submitting articles but reviewing others submissions too. The rules are currently spread out across a whole bunch of pages and hard to find blog posts by Christopher and then you have to sort of manually collate all those details.

I expect this one might get less upvotes than others because the majority of people don't participate in submissions/approvals, but this is core to the usability of the website overall / keeping articles flowing smoothly.

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