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After x amount days the comment closes down. Would be good to leave this open

10 months ago


This has now been deployed. We have also increased the allowance for comments/user from 10 to 30, so you can continue your conversation!

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Planned for May to remove the 3-day restriction

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Andrew changed status to 💪 Now available

6 months ago

Andrew changed status to 🛠 Planned

6 months ago


Mr Cheese's idea of basing it on heat makes sense. Some hot topics drag on for weeks.

But if we're going to allow comments to drag on for weeks, we should also increase / remove the comment limit, 10 is barely enough right now for any kind of real / lengthy discussion, nevermind one that goes on for days/weeks.

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A user should be able to see their comments history. But, no need to take up storage space with years of responses. I think a year is a good cutoff. News is in and out these days anyway...

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I think that this should be based on heat.

If it is a hot topic, naturally it brings in more comments.

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