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We want to find out from the community what you would want from the N4G homepage.

Suggest ideas in the comments

7 months ago


thanks for all your suggestions. we will be taking these all into account and once we have a design ready we will share here to get feedback.


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Andrew changed status to 🛠 Planned

4 months ago

Shawn Williams

Demo release dates, and codes for the downloads.

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I like the 'hottest' story and temp ratings. I think the page design is already pretty solid. Maybe make the hottest stories 5 tiles with the hottest being largest. But, make all other stories underneath default to the list format with image on left and lead in description on right (not the mini list). Then, when hovering over it - it's protrudes when selected and becomes a preview. That would be a nice enhancement. Also, if possible integrate twitter 'buzz' on each post. Something like the number of times the topic is 'mentioned.' Also, ditch the console choice blue banner on the top since it takes up space and put that on the left side/redesign it. Last - add dark mode.

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adding something like interesting gamming videos or podcast in seperate tab not in news, with seperate aproval

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Left or right button at the Hottest section seems harder to click on my phone.

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For me, I'd like the option to push opinion pieces off the front page. There are too many of them and a good portion are poor quality for clicks.

Pushing them off the main page or having a toggle to remove them would be amazing

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Personally I'd prefer it if the default was set to latest instead of trending, because I feel like currently a lot of stories get overlooked and all the attention goes to the few trending ones. There is already the header that highlights high-degree stories.

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