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N4G never had a 'game review' section to my knowledge. I know users circulate reviews but I think N4G should go the way of rotten tomatoes. They should have a side-by-side. One score being 'critics reviews' (aka the collection of online scores averaged out such as ign, metacritic, etc.) - and one side user reviews. That could be anyone who goes to N4G - a guest or a user - that provides their own review - and average those out (plus bot filtering as much as possible so the scores are genuine)

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Hey JagX22, if you click on a game tag, you can actually see the average review score and the number of reviews by review and user review at the top near the right. Then clicking on either of those will list those specific reviews.

For example for God of War: Ragnarok:

That has 68 reviews with an average 9.5 score and 0 user reviews.

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Hi Chris,

I appreciate this response. But what I was imagining was N4G written reviews and not just a score. Something like that on the roadmap would be cool.

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