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Create a new deals section that brings the latest and best deals available.

8 months ago

Andrew changed status to 🛠 Planned

4 months ago

Che Mah

I think that having this could be useful, but ONLY if it is its own section, and then "deal posts" are disallowed as normal N4G posts. I feel like some sites that are pretty much just affiliate-link filled nonsense can junk up the actual news feed.

It'd be nice if it could somehow turn into a little "Slickdeals" for games that people could vote & comment on would be nice, but even just keeping the actual news & deal stuff separate might be generally beneficial.

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All sales/deals would go here instead of normal Article submissions.

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I'm not pro this addition. If its included, it shouldn't be intrusive because it feels like the start of N4G selling out to corporations and this site has always been about gaming and the community.

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We totally agree we don't want this to disrupt the core reason why you and others come to N4G so we wouldn't plaster deals everywhere across the site.

We do think this would be a valuable section as we do get the inside track on many deals from retailers that we would love to share with the N4G community!

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