Bring back original N4G Forums

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Before the last major site overhaul (around 2014), N4G had a forum space towards the bottom-right of the main page. Resurrecting and reforming that would go a long way in upping site traffic. Do away with the ghost town that is the extension.

7 months ago


We have a prototype ready to test. We would like to invite users to get involved in the setup. If you would like to get involved please comment on here.

The plan is to launch the general forum after we have implemented SSO.

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Hey Andrew. You can sign me up. 😀

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Andrew changed status to 🛠 Planned

4 months ago


The old forums didn't up site traffic, just FYI. Just upped certain user activity on the forums. It was very much its own ecosystem. But, it didn't improve the front page activity at all.

Forums could be a way to, in general, give a space for people to comment more freely, though. But, people, for the most part, are drawn to the front-page discussions more than the forums.

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Ok. But this time we'll use Kon as an attraction and that'll up site traffic across everything!

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